How do I get Air-Time to give to my customers?

You can register with us and Top-Up your own Reseller account with Air-Time so you can provide Air-Time right away to your customers. This you will have to buy through your Dashboard once you login.

Other option available are;

  1. Cash: Air-Time will be applied immediately.
  2. PayPal: Air-Time will be applied immediately.
  3. Bank Transfer: Air-Time will be applied within a few hours of receiving confirmation but you must cover the bank fees.
  4. Cheque: Air-Time will be applied in a few days when it has cleared.
How do I Make Money?

As a Reseller, you make money as follows;

  1. When you TOP-UP or do a Long Distance Recharge for a customer you receive POINTS. The amount of points received varies by the service provider/carrier.
  2. You can then Redeem some or all of the points earned on future Air-Time, TOP-UP or Long Distance Recharge and collect the money from your customer. The funds collected in this case is all yours.
How to add Air-Time to my account?
  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the Air-Time button in your Dashboard
  3. Enter Amount in numeric only.
    Example: 21 or 21.00
    NOTE: Amounts greater than USD$20.00 will not incur a transaction fee
  4. Click on Proceed and follow prompts
Is there a cost to become a Reseller?

No, there is no cost. You just have to sign up and once approved you can be on your way.

What are the benefits of becoming a Reseller?
  1. As a Reseller you can manage your Air-Time and other items via your Dashboard.
  2. You can sell directly to your customers and earn fantastic Points while doing so.
  3. You can Redeem Points earned for free Air-Time, Prepaid Top-Ups, and Long Distance Recharge.
  4. Registered customers receive Points as well but you can also offer your own discount to your Customer to encourage repeat patronage.
  5. You have access to a Global clientele